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The LinkWare of Mckit System is a powerful web-enabled platform for generation, presentation, distribution and management of all enterprise product- related materials: complexes technical documentation, manuals and e-catalogs deriving from your ERP, PLM, CAD and other Legacy systems.
Linkware is a greate solution for the creation of Interactive Electronic Technical Manual(IETM) ,Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) & Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC) for direct publication on the Web or CD/DVD
Operating in a dynamic and highly competitive business environment which demands fast changes and keeping up with updated materials the LinkWare leverages your capability to automate in-house generation of dynamic document end user products on the fly.

Linkware Builder

Easy to Use
displays the entire technical documentation of your system in a tree structure.
Microsoft Windows Explorer representation.

Drag & Drop option enable easily to connect between objects creating logical interconnections.
Being in the manufacturing industry, weather in machinery, electronic systems, electrical appliances, automotive, aerospace, shipping or even a third party embedded sub systems, you are well aware of the vital need of technical documentation as an indispensable complementary component to the finished product.
Vested with the powerful capability of automated generation of dynamic imaged documents, Linkware is your solution for rapid creation of any e technical documentation. Form a simple installation instruction doc containing schemes, processes, product layout, to the most complex document containing cumbersome detailed spare part catalogs, LinkWare will shape them into a dynamic e doc immediately available at your web site or on a weightless CD.

Being a system integrator or an onsite support & services provider, deploying LinkWare will spare you the need to carry heavy paper manuals to your customer sites, increase data availability and reduce storage space. On remote customer site maintenance & service staff will browse LinkWare pages from the web site or use a locale CD. They’ll quickly search using the intuitive search engine, immediately view the engineering drawing and drill down to the linked sub assembly all the way through the tinniest screw. Always sure that it is the up-to-date part catalog.

Seeing e-Commerce as a new business opportunity, LinkWare is the ultimate tool for creating, at your fingertip an e-catalog displayed at your frontstore. LinkWare will keep your e-catalog online updated and will improve product line management.

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