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Dynamic document end user product generator
Being an intelligent and comprehensive tool for creation of dynamic document end user products LinkWare provide a highly useful solution, applicable across the manufacturing industry, specializing in production of multi assembled products, complex system products and finish goods. All of which share the indispensable need to provide voluminous product- driven documents which are an integral part of the product completion. Vested with the powerful capability of automated generation of dynamic imaged documents, LinkWare is your solution for rapid creation of any dynamic document end user product. From a simple installation instruction doc containing schemes, processes, product layout, to the most complex document containing cumbersome detailed part catalogs, LinkWare will collect the relevant data streaming from various IT Systems and will shape them into a dynamic document immediately available on your web site or on a weightless CD. All ready to be bundled with the finished product parallel to the manufacturing completion. No more serial process of manufacturing and than documentation but rather a parallel process in which both end at the same time.

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"Off Line" Data Platform
LinkWare offer the ultimate "off line" data platform for all iterative processes that compose the project cycle mode of work for system integrators companies and producers focalizing in heavy customized and tailored made products. Deploying LinkWare will spare you the need to carry out paper files such as design review documents, technical documents, financial documents, etc. to your customer. Once on the customer's site, you will be able to update on the spot those documents as a result of the interactive meetings. On remote site one can browse the LinkWare pages residing on the web site or use a local CD. Search quickly using the intuitive search engine and view immediately the engineering drawing and drill down to the linked sub assembly all the way through to the tinniest screw. With LinkWare one can be sure that interaction with documents is always done with the most up-to-date version.

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Collaborative Virtual Workshop
Finally, whenever your operation depends upon subcontractors or manufacturing suppliers, but due to disclosure constraints you are compelled to avoid collaborative on line working mode, which implies direct access to yours production IT system, LinkWare powerful application provide you a collaborative virtual workshop that complies with your IT access restrictions while adding benefits of efficiency, cost saving and seamless integration resulting in a significant shortened time to market.

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